Care Instructions

All pieces are made using the highest quality Japanese glass seed beads, needle and thread. Hooks and clasps are 14k gold filled unless otherwise stated.
Thread has a memory!  Our pieces are tightly woven and sturdy, but to ensure longevity do not get them wet or store in direct sunlight. 
When not wearing your earrings please lay flat or hang. Please use care when wearing scarves or anything that may tug on fringe. To readjust gently roll the beads between your fingertips. 
Gold filled is much more durable than gold plated and it can last a very long time if taken care of. In general avoid harsh chemicals and perspiration wherever possible. Try to remember to remove your jewelry before working out or applying sunscreens and products such as lotions, perfumes or makeup. Pools/hot tubs/chlorine are among the worst offenders for any metal jewelry. Taking your jewelry off before you sleep will also help it last longer. 
To clean use a soft cloth. For a deeper clean prepare a bowl of warm water with a tiny bit of mild soap. Let the metal soak for about one minute and gently brush off the piece with a very soft toothbrush. Rinse and dry completely. Voila!